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But all this rant made me almost forget a very important detail mentioned on the website: In the list, find the currency pair that you wish to backtest and double click to expand it.

Wall street forex robot strategy tester форекс с кредитным плечем 1000

We will work on fixing this when we are able. Legitimate products are available in large variety of trading styles and any of them can and will experience periods with poor results. The word "scam" should be used when a vendor intentionally misleads prospects with false information in order to make the sale.

This may include fake trading results or broken promises. We are unable to delete or modify comments that are posted. If you make a mistake, please delete your comment and re-post it. The WallStreet Forex Robot is a trend-trading system that takes small bites out of the trend. The average amount of winning WallStreet Forex Robot transactions is in the order of 10 to 15 pips. It should work well with most brokers.

It trades the 4 major pairs: April 1st, ; New Version 5. Add to My Portfolio Click to View. One possible reason for an "Irrelevant" test is that the vendor shut down their business while they created and tested a strategy that is entirely new, then re-launched their business with that new strategy.

There is also a RecoveryMode parameter, which I strongly recommend not enabling. While it may lead to apparently higher gains, it will surely increase the drawdown dramatically. Even the manual makes a similar recommendation. Instead of using the pair defaults, any user can configure the pair parameters manually. The stop loss, take profit, secure profit and secure profit trigger can be configured, which should give many weeks of busy CPU time to the computers of the people who are into optimizations.

The manual also features a backtesting chapter that I carefully disregarded and proceeded to doing it my own way which is almost the same when it comes to history center data anyway. It also contains some really sensible broker advice and no affiliate links, which kind of surprised me, given the product website.

Most importantly, it displays the lots it will trade, the current spread and trade status along with the authentication result. As usual, I began by running history center data backtests on the time range. I chose an average spread for each pair:. All the backtests performed on history center data were using the default settings for all parameters except the AutoMM which was set to 3.

I will definitely not include it in the forward test, but I will run the other backtests on it as well, for the sake of consistency. To save you the trouble of clicking each balance chart, I made a small table with some relevant data for each backtest. I proceeded to perform some backtests on Dukascopy tick data next, using fixed spreads equal to those used with the history center data above.

The EA settings were also the same: To get relevant results, I set all the trades to lot size to 0. The overall average monthly return is somewhere around 8. This allows you to evaluate the test results without regard to money management. This can be useful for the quantitative analysis of the quality of the broker and the collection of statistics. In the Simple advisor version, there are even fewer settings: Together with the license WallStreet Forex Robot v.

Lot can be calculated with a help of a special calculator , or just set a risk level in the advisor settings, and everything will be calculated automatically. Wall Street Forex Robot Revolution advisor is one of the best paid trend trading robots. Of all the junk that is sold on the open spaces of the network, it can be included into 0.

And it proved by years of work.

17 сен Советник Wall Street Forex Robot произвел настоящий фурор на валютном рынке. Советник Смотрим результаты тестера стратегий. Речь пойдет о программах Forex Tester, Fores strategy builder и Forex EA htmlАвтоматический советник форекс Wall Street forex robot – надежный. Трейдеры полюбили советник Wall Street Forex Robot почти сразу после его создания в м году. В основе советника «Wall Street Forex Robot».

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